My Pixlr Photo

For my pixlr-photo assignment, I worked from a photograph of my daughter sitting in a “dreamy” attitude in the lunchroom at Lassiter.  This photo struck me for a couple of reasons.  One, as a teacher with a daughter the same age as many of my students, I can not help but think of my own children when I see my students, hence the connection between a photo of my daughter at school and my profession.  Second, Delaney’s posture and demeanor in this picture impressed me as being reflective and hopeful.  It did not take me long to decide on this photograph as a starting point for my message.

My intention was to relay a message of hope and wonderment about the future that I imagine a number of our students have from time to time.  Our students depend on us to help prepare them for whatever opportunities and/or challenges they will face in their futures, and when I get discouraged at work, I try to remember that.  So I began thinking, what if I tried to picture the kids in my classroom ten years in the future?  What will they have learned in school about dealing with life and the challenges they will face in their careers and relationships?  Will anything I am teaching them still matter?  By personalizing this idea with the picture of my daughter, I attempted to relay this message of preparing kids for the future through the choices I made with the tools on Pixlr.

My first step was to crop the picture because there was too much dead space behind Delaney.  Then, I started by choosing a soft, kind of smoky overlay to create a dream-like atmosphere around the photo.  The only problem with that choice was that the lighter tint made the text boxes a bit harder to read.  Darker fonts for text would be a nice feature.  Maybe I just couldn’t find them.  Then I added the thought bubble with the “Where?” comment.  Nothing particularly creative about that.  I meant for the question to be in response to the banner text, “Ten years from now…?” which implies that the subject of the photo is pondering where she will be once she has completed her formal education.  The addition of the scrapbook border was to show that this moment in time, when Delaney is thinking about her future, will one day be a memory in and of itself.  This is the first time I have really worked with Pixlr, but it was a good exercise, and hopefully I will get better with practice.


About dmart67

David is a high school English teacher and girls lacrosse coach in Marietta. He is married and has two children
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2 Responses to My Pixlr Photo

  1. d cro says:

    Great job experimenting with the site, explaining the remix, and recording the process. You can easily tag this by editing the post and adding “ds106” in the tags section (bottom right area).

  2. wewalker95 says:

    I love the frame you chose as well as the text you incorporated into your photo. Great picture and I really think you captured the dream-like state very well. Did you show the picture to your daughter? What did she think of it?

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