Wiki and Me, Part 1

After consulting the 1999 Encyclopedia Americana (book),, and for information on the elusive chokecherry, I have made many interesting discoveries.  For starters, the Encyclopedia Americana offered a roughly 150-word entry that describes in dry academic language the chokecherry.  It is accompanied by a small black and white picture that denies me the opportunity of enjoying the resplendent colors of the berry.  This would be a good place to start, but definitely not the be-all and end-all for chokecherry enthusiasts. 

So I moved on to to continue my search.  This site gave me 100 words of a 158 word article on the chokecherry.  To access the complete article, I would have been required to sign up for a free trial, leading to a paid subscription in my future.  No, thanks.  In addition, there was a thumbnail of a color picture of the chokecherry.  All in all, this site provided me a bit less than the Encyclopedia Americana offered. 

Finally, I visited and my search was complete.  Not only did this site provide considerably more information on my topic, but it also provided a history, geographical information on where the chokecherry can be found, and more.  Also, a number of colorful illustrations were provided on the chokecherry in various stages of bloom, helping to complete my appreciation for this underappreciated fruit. 

In conclusion, Wikipedia offered considerably more information in a more accessible format than the other two sources combined.  In addition, there were links to source material that I could easily follow to even more information on my topic.


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David is a high school English teacher and girls lacrosse coach in Marietta. He is married and has two children
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