Remix #1 – Picturing Prufrock In a Fog

Picturing Prufrock

So many images, so little time!  Prufrock is a regular image-palooza, so deciding on one to depict was the tough part.  Once I locked on to the lines describing the yellow fog and the yellow smoke, I decided to blend these images with the person of Eliot himself, who, let’s face it, can be a bit foggy.  Utilizing all of the Google image search skills at my disposal, I located photos of yellow fog, yellow smoke (which looks surprisingly different), the dark corners of a city, and of course the window panes, which served as the object of the “licking” fog and smoke.  I created the collage at, and then transferred the image to the advanced editing portion of  Using the tools there, I inserted the text and colored the print to match the mood of the piece.  From there, I layered in a hazy effect and dialed down the hues and brilliance to dull the tint.  I need to spend considerably more time with the layering capabilities on pixlr, because I am sure I barely scratched the surface.  Not too bad for a first timer, I guess.


About dmart67

David is a high school English teacher and girls lacrosse coach in Marietta. He is married and has two children
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2 Responses to Remix #1 – Picturing Prufrock In a Fog

  1. wewalker95 says:

    Nice work. I like how you incorporated the pictures together into a collage.

  2. d cro says:

    Agreed, pretty good job for an initial foray into this kind of stuff. The images and visual tone seem like a good fit.

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