Remix #2: Ocean Guitar Ringtone (audio)

Combining my love for the ocean and guitar music, I created a soothing ringtone featuring peaceful ocean wave sound and some laid back minor key guitar riffing of my own composition and performance.  I used Audacity to record the guitar part and then added a slight echo effect to make it sound like I was doing more than I really was.  Then I added a  tasty ocean waves sound clip from a free audio sample website at  I then copied the ocean track to play twice to sync it with the roughly 20 second guitar track.  Looking back, I feel as though I should have looped it to repeat as a ringtone, but I can always go back and do that later, I guess.  Finally, I uploaded the whole deal to my account, which converted the file to an accessible format for the masses, including this blog.

Being a musician, I am obviously intrigued with the possibilities out there for PC sound recording and mixing, so I had fun with this.  I will most certainly be exploring other options for recording, particularly in regard to sound quality, which is likely to be dependent on the quality of an external microphone and controlled external recording conditions.  In the meantime, enjoy the soothing sounds of my beach guitar!


About dmart67

David is a high school English teacher and girls lacrosse coach in Marietta. He is married and has two children
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2 Responses to Remix #2: Ocean Guitar Ringtone (audio)

  1. d cro says:

    Pretty good job for a first go-round with this work. The minor key melody fits nicely with the evocative surf sounds, and the echo effect was a good choice.

  2. wewalker95 says:

    I like the calming effect the sounds had together. Nice!

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